Thursday, February 22, 2007

Elements of an effective response to global warming

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Anonymous said...

Aren't you getting ahead of yourself?

Lets see some science proving that there is a problem before you start imposiing costs.

Refute this first:

dave said...

How serious are the consequences of global warming? That is the first question that needs answered. If sea levels rise 6 inches, what is the resultant reduction in gross domestic products around the world? Are there any non-monetary consequences and how do we value them?

Maybe we will find that the impact is not so catastrophic. At least for the next few hundred years. If that is the case, let's continue to do research and solve the problem with 23'rd century technology.

Anonymous said...

Even before that it ought to be noted that we will be in a cooling phase by the 2030's if not earlier.


Anonymous said...


The consequences of CO2-induced warming are not "SERIOUS".

They are instead a good thing.

Particularly if they mitigate against the imminent global cooling bearing down on us.